Tailored Solutions

Excellence Training offers a bespoke and flexible learning experience, designed to address your organisation’s IT skills gaps directly. We deliver according to your existing knowledge and your needs

Meeting your specific needs

What makes us unique is that we spend time analysing the level you are working at and what skills you would like to learn. On approval of this, a tailored manual and exercises are designed (specific to your needs) and the training delivered at a time and venue to suit. Action plans are built during the training and can be followed up with further exercises or individual support to ensure all topics taught are implemented.

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Delivery Models

On-line One to One sessions

One to one training is an investment in your own skills and development. The learner’s needs can be addressed more fully because there is more flexibility, more feedback and a greater understanding of the individual learner’s needs.  The learner has a greater control over the pace, content and is able to ask more questions and practice skills.  Training that is tailored to individual needs will leave you feeling empowered with a productive relationship with the tutor.
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Remote Microsoft Office Training Surgery

Choose our remote IT Training Surgery for cost effective, targeted IT Training.

Say goodbye to wasted time and lost productivity with our one to one remote support.

Working at your computer, your staff can pre-book on-line time slots of an hour upwards with our trainer. This bespoke training offer is highly effective as it solves questions immediately.

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Bespoke Group Sessions

A bespoke training session can be delivered at your premises (No minimum and maximum 8 per group). Our standard courses are delivered at three levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The individual Skills-Scan enables us to identify specific training needs; therefore ensuring delegates attend a course which is pitched at the relevant level.

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