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Microsoft Word is one of the most user- friendly applications from the Microsoft Office suite. Everybody knows how to use Microsoft Word, but few know how to use it properly, or to most effect.  Microsoft Word is an essential tool that is useful for both complex business requirements as well as basic day-to-day purposes.

Microsoft Word lets you create the simple word processing documents like letters and reports and add features to these such as shapes or images. You can use tables for a number of different purposes and bullet formatting is easy when you know how! The use of newspaper type columns adds variety and you can mail merge from a database so that you can easily send out the letters to multiple people at a time.

A good working knowledge of Word helps in all the professional requirements relating to business correspondence by reducing the time and efforts and energy of the users to a great extent.

The course can be delivered with your chosen content but the standard courses are divided into 3 levels.  Stage 1 Beginners, Stage 2 Intermediate and Stage 3 Advanced.

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Word - Stage 1

This course is designed for attendees who wish to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Word.  It will benefit new users who wish to create simple, yet professional looking documents.


Attendees do not need any previous experience of Word but must have a basic understanding of PC’s, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.

What you will learn:

  • Creating basic documents
  • Proofing tools
  • Formatting
  • Document Views
  • Aligning paragraphs
  • Move and Copy
  • Layout options
  • Printing options

Click on PDF for full outline

Work Stage 1 PDF

Word - Stage 2

This course is designed to benefit basic users of Microsoft Word who wish to build on their knowledge as well as enhance their document’s presentation.


Attendees should have attended our Word Foundation course or have equivalent knowledge.

What you will learn:

  • Further formatting features
  • Copy and paste – further feataures
  • Automatic numbering
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Tables
  • Multiple paged documents
  • Autocorrect
  • Graphic elements
  • Mailmerge
Word Stage 2 PDF

Word - Stage 3

This course is designed to provide experienced Word users with further knowledge of its advanced features. This course will benefit attendees who deal with large documents and perform repetitive tasks which could be automated using macros.


Attendees should have attended our Word Intermediate course or have equivalent knowledge.

What you will learn:

  • Styles
  • Multiple paged documents
  • Outlining
  • Templates – forms and fileds
  • Importing and exporting
  • Introduction to Macros
Word Stage 3 PDF
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Delivery Options

One to One

One to one training is an investment in your own skills and development. The learner’s needs can be addressed more fully because there is more flexibility, more feedback and a greater understanding of the individual learner’s needs.  The learner has a greater control over the pace, content and is able to ask more questions and practice skills.  Training that is tailored to individual needs will leave you feeling empowered with a productive relationship with the tutor.

Remote Microsoft Office Training Surgery

Choose our remote IT Training Surgery for cost effective, targeted IT Training.

Say goodbye to wasted time and lost productivity with our one to one remote support.

Working at your computer, your staff can pre-book on-line time slots of an hour upwards with our trainer. This bespoke training offer is highly effective as it solves questions immediately.

Bespoke Group Sessions

A bespoke training session can be delivered at your premises (No minimum and maximum 8 per group). Our standard courses are delivered at three levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The individual Skills-Scan enables us to identify specific training needs; therefore ensuring delegates attend a course which is pitched at the relevant level.
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